Call to Action: Reasons why

Call to Action: Reasons why

The following is an email that Justice for Licensees has received from a tenant, this is just one of the many reasons why it is imperative that we have a robust Pubs Code, to reign in the excesses of voracious pub companies, with an independent Adjudicator who will ensure that justice is not only done but also seen to be done.

Call to action:


Tenants email: “I am writing this anonymously as I do not wish any comeback or adverse attention towards my family.  I have never publicly disrespected the Pubco’s on any social forum, but feel now that I have suffered in silence for far too long.  We are currently in litigation with one of the Pubco’s regarding dilapidations that the Pubco carried out on a public house we were tenants in for a number of years.  Sadly as like many others our business failed, and we were swiftly replaced by the Pubco after they had changed the locks on the premises and gave us no opportunity to carry out any reparation that may have been neccessary, only months later sending us a bill for work they profess to have carried out.  We are unable to prove or disprove the necessitation of this work as we were not given an opportunity to send in our own surveyor to question the work schedule.


The Pubco is now chasing us for a considerable amount of money, knowing that we still have large debts incurred by the business, no equity in our home and no assets.  The figure they are requesting has changed on numerous occasions and there are multiple irregularities regarding the case against us.


I am writing this as a desperate, hopeless shell of the person I was,  prior to the failure of our business and the relentless pursuit by the Pubco for monies we do not have.  I have to convince myself daily that i have to keep going and surround myself with pictures of my family to give me a reason to keep living.


Even though we have had immense support from very special people, the depths of despair is still a very lonely place and i cannot understand why the Pubco’s insist on hounding the victims of their ‘churn’ and continually fill our lives with dread and misery.  Will it only end when our blood is on their hands?


Reading this back to myself it appears to be very dramatic, but this is the sad truth, honest is all we have ever been.  To lose our dream of having a business we could expand as a family and then be chased after its failure for years for money being unjustly requested is becoming far too much to bear.


The court system has not instilled us with confidence for a just and fair outcome,  and the process has been filled with many errors beyond our control, irregularities and intimidation towards us being ignored.


Our house provides a home to 7 members of our family and I do not understand how the Pubco can justify wanting to put us on the street for circumstances they helped to create.  Is it not enough that we have to suffer the humility of failing and losing our business, but to lose our home as well?


I would beseech the Pubcos to fully disclose all the possibilities involved in purchasing a tenancy with them, good and BAD!  We in our naivety thought that honesty and hard work would prevail in the success of our business.


I cannot understand how after being so complacent in our downfall that the Pubco now want to destroy our lives even further.  I hope for the love of my partner, children and grandchildren that I can rise above this dark place that now shrouds me and do not become another forgotten statistic of this awful, unhealthy, unfair tenant-Pubco relationship.”

Sunday 10th April 2016

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