JFL gives two letters of commendation

Justice for Licensees is pleased to be in the position to be able to give two letters of commendation to pub companies for outstanding and exemplary behaviour during the Covid-19 pandemic.


During the forced closure of pubs, pub companies have been polarised in their actions and the way that they treat their tenants. Last week we had the open letter to Pub Owning Business (POB) Chief Executives  which highlighted companies poor practices. It is a relief to find that not all companies are acting the same!


Adnams have decided that the right thing to do is to cancel rents payable by tenants for twelve weeks, this rent will not be collected by the pubco at a later date. We agree entirely with Adnams that this is the right thing to do and with this is mind we have given Adnams a letter of Commendation for outstanding and exemplary behaviour during the Covid-19 pandemic. Adnams deserve this accolade and are a credit to this trade during this challenging time.


Shepherd Neame have taken the business decision to waive rents for the duration of the forced closure and that there will be no subsequent collection. This is how pubcos should behave, this is how they should be treating their business partners, the tenants. Justice for Licensees believes that Shepherd Neame should be highly commended for their actions and with this in mind we have given Shepherd Neame a Letter of Commendation for their outstanding and exemplary behaviour during the Covid-19 pandemic. Shepherd Neame have been a leading light in the way that they have chosen to treat their tenants and deserve this accolade, they are also a credit to this trade during this challenging time.


Inez Ward, founder of Justice for Licensees, said ‘It was a pleasure to be in the position to be able to award these commendations to Adnams and Shepherd Neame. This is how pubcos should be treating their tenants, there is no excuse, huge congratulations to Adnams and Shepherd Neame, well done for having the foresight to realise the importance of your tenants during the forced closure of their pubs.’


Andy Wood, Chief Executive of Adnams said ‘Adnams is committed to shielding and protecting its pubs as much as possible through this crisis. Being mostly rural and seasonal our pubs entered the lockdown at a low point in their cashflows and have little room for manoeuvre on their own. At Adnams, being purpose led and values driven means we have to live by this code even in times of extremis’.


Kevin Roberts, JFL Council Member, said ‘Well done to the two POBs, Adnams and Shepherd Neame, as for the rest it’s about time this Government stepped in and stopped these debt-ridden Zombie Companies from harassing their partners who have no income at this time! Most of these debt-ridden companies are in this position because of their own mis-management and dubious practices which again is no fault of their long suffering Business partners.’


Karen Fullard, JFL Council Member said ‘Giving a proper rent break now will help to make sure that their tenants/business partners stand a chance of re-opening after the pandemic.  The other POBs are so short sighted and will end up with an empty estate. Well done Adnams and Shepherd Neame.  The rest, shame on you!’

Saturday 2nd May 2020

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